Monday, November 26, 2007


Hi everybody! I just wanted to give a quick update regarding minor changes/additions I have made here on the blog.

First, in an continuing effort to make this blogging thing easier for everyone, I've created a section located in the upper right hand corner of this blog where you can subscribe. When you enter your email into the box provided you will be given a few easy prompts and then you'll be an official Produce Picker subscriber. This means that you will automatically receive an email at whichever address you provide every time anything new is added to this blog. New videos, new blog post, new updates. It's easy and it keeps you updated without the hassle of having to check back time and again to see if there is anything new here. Simply subscribe and we'll do the rest.

Second, for each new episode of the Produce Picker Podcast there will be show notes. That means that under each show posted here you will find notes that correspond to what I have said during that episode. For example, if I mention honeydew melons you will find a link to honeydew melons that you will be able to click on and read more information about them.
Or if I talk about a certain knife used to cut the melon you may find a link which takes you to a site where you can buy the very same knife that I used in the episode. These notes can be a helpful resource to finding out even more information regarding the topics mentioned on each episode of the Produce Picker Podcast.

Enjoy and Thanks for reading/watching!

Ray a.k.a The Produce Picker

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Episode 5 - Opening a Coconut

Here we go with Episode 5. In this episode I'll show you the easiest way of getting a coconut open. Whether you want to make a party drink, a unique serving dish, coconut milk, or just wish to eat fresh coconut this method will teach you how to get to the inside of that coconut. Pick one up at your local market and give it a crack.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Did You Know...?

Did you know... a banana is actually an herb!? TRUE

... a tomato is a fruit or at least it was until the United States Supreme Court stepped in! YEP

... asparagus is packed in boxes with extra room at the top because the stalks continue to grow after they've been harvested! Weird, but also true. (just a little creepy, I think)

... placing an unripe avocado into a paper bag with a banana or an apple will make it ripen quicker? Check it out.

... the hottest part of a chili pepper is NOT in the seeds but in fact comes from the chili's membrane, or in the placental tissue, which holds the seeds? Confirmed. Also try drinking milk if the pepper bites back more than your mouth can handle.

... pulling the leaves out of a pineapple is not an accurate test of its ripeness. I heard this one straight from the horses mouth or the guys and gals at Dole. Same thing:)

You can learn more interesting and quirky facts about produce from this blog or by visiting I bet you never knew there was so much to know about produce! Make sure to also watch The Produce Picker Podcast (a video podcast) where you'll learn the tips and tricks to picking out perfect produce.

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-Ray a.k.a The Produce Picker