Saturday, June 14, 2008

Produce Picker Goes to the Emeril Show!

Hi everyone, big news!

Ray a.k.a. The Produce Picker was chosen to be on an episode of Emeril's new show "Emeril Green."

Discovery channel has launched a new channel called "Planet Green." Emeril's new show "Emeril Green" will begin showing on July 14th (check your local listings for the channel). The new show will focus on the importance of organic foods and sustainable farming.

Filmed entirely at a Virginia based Whole Foods, Emeril Green will feature grocery shoppers who have a cooking dilemma. It will be Emeril's job to solve these problems for each individual shopper. What was my cooking dilemma you ask? Well that, along with what we cooked ,sounds like a good teaser that will hopefully make you want to watch the show. Of course if you look closely enough at the picture you might get the answer to at least one of those questions.

So how did I even get the chance to be on the show in the first place? When I heard they were filming the show near me I sent an email explaining what it is I do on my own show, Produce Picker Podcast. They were interested and extended me the opportunity to audition. Next thing I knew they wanted me to be on an episode and after two long but fun days filming we finished the episode that I will appear on which will premiere sometime in July (details to follow).

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Thanks to everyone who has followed me thus far. My little show and a strong following has really taken me places! Thanks again.

Ray a.k.a. The Produce Picker

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