Friday, January 25, 2008

Episode 8 - Food Newscast

Food Newscast is here! Our first issue of Food Newscast includes stories about a vegetable orchestra (it's true, you can play music with veggies), NYC fruit and veggie carts, a tip for mothers to be, plus more. Check out the newest segment to the Produce Picker Podcast and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment below this post by selecting the comment tab or send emails to

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Bob said...

Looking to buy Wax Apples or Bellfruit from somewhere on or near the central coast. Please advise if this tropical treat is available anywhere close by. Thank you.

The Produce Picker said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your question. I potentially have some good information for you.
You asked a tricky one and I must say finding this item is anything but easy. Bell Fruit, Wax Apple, Wax Jambu (this is what the people in the know or at least those I've contacted:) call it), Java Apple...depending on who you talk to you might get one or all of these names. Regardless of it's name it's a tricky little sucker to find here in the States.
I made several calls to California, one call to Oregon and one to Florida where I might have had some luck.
Apparently because this is a tropical fruit in it's purest form the only place it can be grown here in the U.S. is in south Florida.
I have a call in to a produce broker/colleague in Florida who is looking into which farm grows the Wax Apple (Jambu, pronounced JAM BOO).
Initially I have been told that at least one farm in Florida grows them and now it's just a matter of finding out if and where they are available to the public.
Thanks for your interesting question Bob and I hope to have the answer to you very soon!


The Produce Picker said...

Hi Bob,

I've had a couple responses on my inquiry for Wax Jambu (i.e. wax apple, Bellfruit) but nothing that indicates that they can be bought with any amount of ease.
I definitely haven't seen anything in your region. Some in Canada if you're up for the drive (kidding).
It appears that there may only be one U.S. grower in Florida since this is truly a tropical item and can only be grown in one region in Florida.
I'm in communication with them as well and if I find out that they can send you some (which I'm sure would be at a price not worth your while) I'll let you know. Perhaps they know of an Asian market that sells them in your area but as of now it doesn't appear so.
The fruit itself looks great and I'd love to try some so I have an interest in finding them for myself as well.
I hope you keep in contact and let me know if you happen to discover some.
Great talking with you Bob. Keep in touch.