Thursday, February 21, 2008

Produce Picker Podcast Featured in The Produce News

If you remember back a few weeks ago I mentioned that Produce Picker Podcast was chosen as a feature story in the produce industry trade paper The Produce News.

I was interviewed by Tim Linden, a writer for The Produce News, about my career as a produce clerk and how that led to the creation of my show Produce Picker Podcast.
Well that article has been published in hard copy and online. As promised here is that article for anyone who is interested in reading the story and learning a little more about me and the show.

Thanks Tim for a great article, thanks to Mr. Groh (editor for The Produce News) for choosing myself and the show to profile, and thanks to everyone who watches the show and participates in this blog!

CLICK HERE TO READ: TECHNOLOGY AT WORK: Produce clerk bridging the information gap with podcasts
by Tim Linden


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