Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 17 - Persimmons

It's Fall which means it's time for Persimmons!

In season from September through December, the Fuyu persimmon also known as Sharon fruit should be chosen while still firm. Fuyu's should have a nice overall orange coloring with a smooth, tight skin and a green, leafy top.

If your Fuyu persimmon is still a little green in color, let it ripen on the counter until it has reached an overall orange coloring but not so long that the skin becomes shriveled or starts to become soft. Fuyu's are best eaten while still firm. They will have a consistency something close to an apple or pear.

The two most commonly found persimmons are the Fuyu, which you can see in this episode, and the Hachiya (right) which is generally used for cooking.

Use the Fuyu persimmon as a garnish in salads or deserts or simply eat out of hand after washing and peeling away the skin.

*no cameras were harmed in the making of this podcast. In fact, I didn't even really hit the camera with the persimmon at all;)

Hachiya persimmon picture courtesy flickr user: bsterling via cc license.

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